Getting back on track

It's nearly the end of June, and I realized I never decided on a theme for the month.  In fact, I never even accomplished my goals for May.  While I've enjoyed goofing off the last two months I really do think this process is important.  It's time to get back on track, remember why I'm doing this, and really make the last half of 2010 count.

My theme for July is introspection.  I'm going to take some time each day to read some of my Leadership Institute material (I have a big binder full of stuff I haven't worked through), or work on my personal strategic planning.  I think this is a really good way for me to identify the things that are important to me now as well as what kind of person I want to be 3 to 5 years from now.  I guess the outcome for this theme is to have accomplished what I set out to do in May: finish my personal vision and mission statement, and set out two specific goals.  The elevator speech can wait, for now.

Here's a quick introduction from my worksheet:
"Personal strategic planning is the process by which you create a vision of your future and then determine specific steps to take to achieve that future.  The process begins with clarifying values, writing a vision statement and then developing a mission statement."
By spending just a little time each day working on identifying my values, vision, and mission, I hope to make better progress on my resolution for this year.

Though I've pretty much given up on the egg thing - I just don't have the same excitement for eggs that I do for pancakes.