This is the first time I've been home for my birthday for at least 3 years - June is usually our month for vacations. It feels a little strange to have to plan out something to do to celebrate, but so far I'm just enjoying a relaxing morning.

Chris woke me up this morning, cooked me breakfast (steel cut oats with strawberries...yum!), and gave me a great present:
Isn't she awesome?

The only thing that would make the morning better would be if it weren't Tuesday - Blizzard's server maintenance morning. Ah well, I'll geek out on some gaming later this afternoon.

On the slate for today - a visit to the Musical Instrument Museum and lunch at their cafe. Otherwise, I just want to hang out at home and relax.  We had a busy weekend with family, and I'm feeling the need for some down time without a lot of people.

In other news, my iPhone 4 is on its way!  I received an email this morning saying it will be delivered tomorrow, despite the fact that June 24 is the release date, and the date listed on the tracking information. Either way, I'm very excited!

Okay, off to spend some time away from the computer.