May's theme

Well, I feel like I've just gotten caught up after the MPLA Leadership Institute, and it's already the middle of May!

It was a really amazing experience - I learned so many things about myself, both personally and professionally!  I feel I'll be digesting and internalizing concepts for years, but hopefully I can make a good start on it now.

May's theme is a continuation of April's - I did take time to be more aware of the leadership around me and of my own leadership activities.  For May, I have 3 specific goals:
  1. Come up with a good elevator speech description of my job. I'm really tired of hating it when people ask me what it is I actually do and having to launch into some long description.
  2. At the Leadership Institute, we started working on our personal Vision and Mission statements.  I'm going to complete mine.
  3. We were also supposed to generate two goals and strategies that will tie in with our personal vision & mission. I will also complete this by the end of the month.
These will all appear here on the ol' bloggy blog, so stay tuned!