March's theme

I was having a hard time thinking of a new theme for March.  To be honest, my progress on the previous 2 months is rather dubious.  Perhaps it was unrealistic to try to start getting up earlier in January. And as for only checking my email once per hour, well, let's just say that needs more work.

This morning, however, I decided that for this month's theme, I'm going to give myself up to the joy of living in Phoenix in March.  It's a beautiful month here in the valley where you just want to spend every possible minute outside.  So I'm not going to worry about productivity goals.  I'm going to revel in my bike rides to and from work.  I'm going to putter around the yard.  I'm going to venture out from my basement office every day and take a little break outside - I may even take my laptop and spend an hour or two working outside, soaking in the smell of the citrus blossoms that will bloom later this month, absorbing the spring sunshine, and just being full of joy.

I know this will be a good month!


  1. Probably helps that you don't get headaches from the citrus blossoms. I alas do. I do not miss them. I miss Wildflower.


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