February's theme: focus

2010 is already one month in! I can't believe how fast January sped by.

January's theme was getting up 30 minutes earlier.  I am making progress on this, but it's a hard habit to form! I'll continue working on it.

As far as eggs are concerned, I've made a couple of nice breakfasts: I made fried eggs with hashbrowns with THE best hashbrowns I've ever made, and this weekend I made Egg in the Hole.  That was pretty tasty, but I think next time I'll leave the eggs sunny side up, just because I think it'll look nicer.  I'll try to post about the eggs on a more regular basis, with pictures!

So, on to February's theme.  This month I'm really going to work on my focus at work.  I tend to distract myself when I'm trying to work on a task by checking my email, etc., so this needs to stop.  Additionally, I need to get better at prioritizing my tasks. So focusing this month has a few specific goals:

  1. Limit checking my email to once per hour.
  2. Limit checking social networking to once every 2 hours.
  3. First thing each day, identify the Most Important Task of the day and do it before anything else.
Next month will probably be an expansion of this theme, but I think this is a good start.

Finally, here's an older picture of Kitty - I'm trying to focus on being understanding and patient with her this morning.
19 Sept 07

It's amazing how much she's aged in 2 years.