Happy 2010

We rang in the New Year on a gaming binge with our best friends.  We played Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, Bang!, Ra (twice), Agricola (twice), and Ticket to Ride.  It really doesn't get much better than that and is a great start to 2010.

Now we're already back home, after a quiet drive.  I've decided my monthly theme for January is to start getting up a half hour earlier. I think I'll feel a lot better about things in general if I take a little more time in the morning to do some of the things I think are important.  Zen Habits has a nice list of some of the benefits of getting up earlier.

I realized that in my last post, I didn't mention the best thing about 2009 - as of this weekend, Maggie and Sophy will have lived with us for 1 year!
1 March 09


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