Thanksgiving Weekend

Chris had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, so I took a day off as well.  We've had a blissful 5 days off in a row, which is truly something to be thankful for!  It's only been marred by Chris having a lingering cold since Tuesday.  The joys of teaching and being exposed to every illness known to children!

The cold has encouraged us to take it especially easy - I haven't left the house since Thursday, and our social activities have been purely with family (and virtually).  Thanksgiving itself was lovely, we enjoyed a great day with the Perrys, ate ourselves insensible, and played a rocking game of Agricola (Chris and I won). We also paid a brief visit to my folks, and hope to plan something a bit more substantial with them for Christmas.

The Peter Perry clan came by to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yesterday, which was fun for me, but Chris was not feeling well.  It's fun to see Ruth remember what happened in the book and try to restrain herself from plot spoilers for her mom and Esther.  Esther was quite snuggly, and both girls were entertained by Maggie, who was hamming it up for all the attention she could get.  That cat knows how to play to a crowd.

My main "fun" activity this week has been fiddling with my various computers.  I did a clean installation of the full Windows 7 on my PC, which wasn't too painful, but has taken up quite a bit of time.  Due to some legacy systems and laziness on my part, my music was stored in multiple places on my hard drive, so I had some reorganizing and de-duping to do.  I also seem to have lost my Christmas Card address labels file, which is surprising since I know it was in the folder I backed up.  At least, I thought it was!

Related to addresses, I'd been meaning to investigate Google Sync for managing my contacts and calendars with my iPhone.  iTunes makes me nervous when it's always asking me if I'm SURE I want to sync my phone with my work and my home computers.  Yes, I am sure, I know what I'm doing - I hope.  But I thought Google Sync might reduce all that confusion - only to discover that I can't use Google Sync because the iPhone will only allow 1 Microsoft Exchange account, and I use that for my work email.  I like having my work email on my phone, so no Google Sync.  But I thought I'd try using Google to manage my contacts anyway.  I've never liked Outlook for that purpose, and that's the only reason I'd install MS Office on my computer.  I thought that when I synced to Google, only the contacts in the "My Contacts" group would be used (which is the case for Google Sync).  That was a big mistake - all 200+ contacts associated with my Gmail, including everyone to whom I've ever sent a message, were downloaded to my phone.  I spent a few hours searching for a solution, but there doesn't appear to be one other than to weed down and update all of the contacts in my Gmail account.  I'm resigned to doing this now, but am a little paranoid about missing someone - which is why I noticed my Christmas Card address file was missing.  But in any case, once I get the contacts in some reasonable state of organization, it shouldn't be that hard to maintain.  They probably could use some updating anyway.  As for my calendar, well, I'll just keep syncing it with Outlook at work.

Not to be left out of my tech-twiddling, I bought a wireless mouse for my new laptop (now dubbed Duncan).  However, the silly thing won't boot if the USB fob for the mouse is in - it freezes on the HP screen until I just turn it off.  I chose a Logitech wireless mouse for the sole reason that the USB fob is tiny enough that I can just leave it in the port and ignore it.  But now I have to remove it whenever I want to boot my computer. I'm still searching for a fix to this.  I'm also slightly miffed because the exact mouse I bought on Wednesday at Fry's Electronics was on sale yesterday for 50% off.  That'll teach me to avoid Thanksgiving sales.

The last item on my agenda for the weekend is to put up my Christmas decorations.  I'd better get started on that.  I've been pretty absent from the internet lately, but now with Duncan and all sorts of twiddling and tweaking to be done, I'll probably be lured back in - Dragon Age and Borderlands notwithstanding.

Someone is busy


  1. You mean you have all your addresses on a file on your computer?? You don't have a physical address book? Okay, I know I have luddite tendencies. I need to get a new one.

    Kitty looks very cute.


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