No drama

We've had a blissful lack of drama for the last couple of weeks, which really is just a return to normalcy.  Charlie can eat hard food, he is just now so spoiled on the soft stuff, he won't touch it.  We've been mixing the tiniest bit of soft food in with the regular kibble and he chows down, crunching away.  Put a regular bowl of food in front of him and watch a classic cat snub.  We've decided to keep doing a mix through this week, but next week it's back to normal.  Hopefully we can hold out longer than he can.

It's been nice to have a day off today as we've spent quite a bit of time hammering out the rest of the insurance details.  It's all worked out as much as it will be at this point - the resolution is not quite what we would have preferred, but it's better than nothing.  Insurance, in general, often feels like a big scam to me.  We pay money every month to help guard against the day you might need real help, but when that day comes, they turn it into an even larger hassle, arguing about this and that, prying into details that don't concern them.  I feel that socking our insurance payments away into a special savings account would be a better safeguard.

I ordered a new laptop.  Will post more about it after I get a chance to play with it!

Okay, back to my officially sanctioned slacking off.


  1. And you could use those savings for a nice trip somewhere.

    Insurance and life seems to fall under the great big bureaucracy of the sky to me. Which am railing about a lot right now.

    I once lost Christmas gifts (that were mine) that I shipped back to here. Got more than I should've on the pjs and less on the others. Still haven't replaced them. Some were extremely cool.


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