Charlie is starting to eat better - he's been preferring soft food that he can chew and snubbing the minced stuff.  The kittens are happy to clean that up for him.

Chris is finally feeling better - that flu/bronchitis combo really hit him hard.

We submitted an insurance claim for the stolen goods.  We don't anticipate any problems with the claim, so hopefully we'll be compensated soon.  We will not replace the Wii.  We already bought a new Xbox (gaming and streaming Netflix must continue), and will probably replace the 2nd one after a while.  I'm missing my laptop, and intend to buy a new one once the insurance check comes.  I'm probably going to get an HP311 Mini - one thing I didn't like about the Dell was that it was useless for playing videos.  Really - my iPhone can play a Youtube video, but the laptop can't? Ridiculous.  Plus, I think a slightly larger size is worth way better processing power and graphics.  I'm happy, too, that I'll be able to order it with Windows 7.  The fact that Laptop Mag ran World of Warcraft on it is a pretty nice bonus as well.  And the best part is that it prices out within $50 of the cost of a new Dell Mini 10.

We ordered a replacement for the broken pane, and installed window locks on all the windows.  Other than that, everything is back to normal.
We went to the fair this weekend and had a really nice time.  I love going to the fair!
Great view!