Call the cops!

We've been robbed!

The last 4 weeks have been bad weeks in the Perry house. Charlie rumbles with the neighbor dogs, Chris gets H1N1, and now our home has been burglarized.

Chris came home from work today and discovered our living room window had been broken. It was the first day back at work for him for over a week, and today is the first day in many days that no one was home all day. Makes you wonder who is watching...

They pried off the screen with a screwdriver (which they left on our bed - how thoughtful of them), broke the window next to the latch, then were able to open it and climb inside.

I imagine Charlie and Sophy hid under the bed at the breaking of the window. Kitty probably ignored them all. Maggie...well, deaf and trusting Maggie probably wanted to make friends.

They took both Xboxes - we'd hoped they might have missed the one in the closet. They took the Wii, all the wiimotes, 2 Xbox controllers, the Xbox remote. They took Chris' Nintendo DS, and all his games. They took our Xbox memory cards, with all our saved games.

My laptop was taken, my ipod, my ipod cord and plug. They dug through our desk and found my old precious, and took that. I think they took some checks. I'm not sure about Chris' passport, they might have taken that as well. Update: Found the passport.  That could spell trouble - we'd probably better call the bank. And my laptop may have some saved passwords on it - I should change them, in case the burglers are after passwords. Fortunately, I don't save anything important on the mini.

They dug through my dresser, pawed through my jewelry. I can't imagine what they were looking for - they left all the valuable pieces (what little there is), but took about 4 of my rings. All crappy, junky, rings - some rings from my high school days, a turquoise ring from my sister. I wonder why they took those - the electronics, I can understand, but these rings? Fortunately, they left the important stuff: the necklace Chris gave me for my 22nd birthday which I wear every day except for today, the necklace he gave me in Ireland a year ago, and some other bits with more sentimental than monetary value.

They didn't take the instruments- our guitars, Chris' flute (which would have been a serious loss), or the keyboard. Inexplicably, they took the keyboard case.

They went through every room in the house. Everything they took was something they could easily carry away. Not our tv. Not the keyboard. Not my computer.

Chris called the police at 5:30 to report a robbery. At 8:00, he called again when they still hadn't arrived. The dispatcher tried, then discarded, several excuses. He called again at 9:45 at my goading, to tell them not to bother to come, we were going to bed. But I was too angry at the police, angry at being robbed, to sleep, so I stayed up to power up the computer and blog. At 10:00, the police came.

They said they had just come on shift, and apologized for the delay. They actually dusted for fingerprints on the window. I apologized for cleaning up the mess, but I wasn't really sorry - I couldn't leave it like that for over 4 hours. I gave them the screwdriver. They took some notes, asked some questions, gave me a form to fill out and mail in with information about what was taken, and left.

So here we are with a broken window and a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff missing. It could be worse - we are all fine (by we, I mean the cats), and nothing really important was taken. The games and laptop can be replaced. The window will be fixed. But maybe the trust I had, that my neighborhood was safer than it looks, that our house was impenetrable, that no one would ever bother stealing our crappy stuff - I don't know if I'll get that back.


  1. Holy Cow!!! I'm so sorry. And to have it done while you were at daylight? Scary.

  2. when we moved to our new neighborhood in May our new next-door neighbor, whi has been there for 32 years, claims that it's such a quiet neighborhood, nothing's ever happened to him or the rest of the neighbors, etc., etc... we felt good about that ... then a few days later stuff from our carport and outdoor shed were stolen... I go back to my original thought, that there is no such thing as a "safe" neighborhood in the Valley... the thieves all have cars and they're highly mobile. I am very sorry though for your loss, though, Anali, it totally sucks.

  3. I am SO sorry; happened to me, too, and it just "sucks". I know it will be a while before you discover what is actually gone. I an still missing things that were taken last March. I suspect you will grieve and then move on.

  4. Oh No! I'm so sorry that happened to you guys! That really sux. It was probably teenagers who are out of school for fall break.

  5. Hopefully, this means that after the three sucko things, You should be unscathed for awhile. Hopefully.

    Am glad he still has the passport. Because that's a bitch to replace.

    I know how you feel. It's the sense of "semi-trust" gone and the annoyance and so forth. Am glad they didn't take the sentimental stuff. That would piss me off more. When I lost or got my wallet stolen, I was more pissed because I liked the wallet. They dumped it in the mailbox and it came back to me.

    And glad the meow meows are okay.

  6. Holy crap. I am so sorry to hear about this!

    I hope this doesn't sound callous, but there is always a bright side. In this case, it is shiny new electronics.

    Re stored passwords on computers: We use an open-source encrypted program called Keepass to store everything (passport numbers, web logins, software serials, everything!). The program has a small and portable executable file and a database file you can name as you like. I keep synchronized copies on our home server, desktop, laptops, portable drives, and online with Dropbox.

    Synchronization is with SyncBackSE - an excellent program which handles complex syncs with ease. For example, it syncs my work files and Keepass etc when I insert specific portable drives or when any of those files change.

  7. Kelly, you are absolutely right - I'm already investigating a new laptop (HP311) for when the insurance check gets here!


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