There is always space on the internet for cats

Today is the day that a moratorium on cats on the internet has been declared. I'm feeling ornery, though. Today, I will post about cats.

This week, my niece learned an important lesson about cat-ownership.

"When I grow up," she declared, "I am going to have 6 cats and a chihuahua."

"Six cats!" I exclaimed, "That's a lot of cats!"

"I like cats," she said calmly.

I looked at her seriously, "I have 4 cats," I said, "Do you know how many litter-boxes we have?"

"Two?" she guessed.

"Three. And do you know how many times a day we clean the three litter-boxes for four cats?"


"Twice a day, we clean three litter-boxes for four cats. Are you sure you want six?"

"I think I'll just have one cat," she said.

"Wise girl!"

GRAW 2 is so exciting.


  1. That is a wise decision! Fantastic photo of Sophie. I think it needs an Lolcat caption.

  2. In honor of your cat posting, I am giving a little shout out to my baby Daphne (1983-1999) and my little Ari (2000-2005) both of whom I miss very much. Someday we'll have baby kitties again! Though I don't think we'll ever go over just 2. Once a day litter box cleaning is more than enough for me.

  3. Oh...I remember Daphne! What a lovey kitty!

  4. You are better at doing cat boxes than I am. But, you have to be. It is the thing I think am worst at regarding cat care. I fear am allergic to the litter so that probably doesn't help.

    What do you use?

  5. Tidy cat. When we only had 2 cats, we only had 1 box and cleaned once a day. That was fine. 4 though...they keep things busy.


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