On Health Care

Dear Senators Kyl and McCain,
As an Arizona resident and voter, I am writing today to urge you to work with the President and your fellow members in Congress to pass meaningful and comprehensive health care reform for our nation.

Like many, if not most of the people who write to you about this issue, I am not an expert in health care issues, nor do I know for certain what is best for this country. What I do know, however, is that the way we provide health care to our citizens is broken and desperately needs to be fixed. I could provide personal stories to illustrate this, but I'm sure you know what's at stake. As our elected representatives, we need to be able to trust you to make the best decisions possible on our behalf.

Health care is such an important matter that affects everyone in our country, literally their life and death. It is too critical an issue for decisions to be based on political ideologies or influenced by the career aspirations or reelection considerations of politicians. Health care reform needs to be based on facts, on evidence, and on the truth. It is a difficult issue - any decision will be sure to alienate and anger many people, but we have to trust that you will be up to this challenge.

Sirs, I am begging you to set an example for your colleagues in fostering honest, rigorous, and open debate, to truthfully represent the issues to your constituents and to the press, and to always keep the best interests of the people of our state and this country at the forefront. Let Arizona lead the way in working diligently with the President and Congress to pass meaningful health care reform that we can be proud to hand down to the generations to come.

Thank you,
Anali Perry


  1. Anali, I hope you inspire all your readers to write to our congresspeople.

  2. I guess I should write them. Health care has been on my mind a lot lately.


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