Charlie's Big Adventure

A week ago Saturday, early in the morning, silly Charlie made a mad dash for freedom out the back door as Chris was doing some yard work. Normally, Charlie's mad dashes just last until he finds the first bit of yard debris to chew on, but on this particular Saturday morning, he was determined to have an adventure. Instead of running back inside when Chris turned on the hose, he jumped up onto the fence separating our yard from our neighbors.

And then jumped to the other side.

Where live 2 pit bulls.

Chris sprinted to the wall and vaulted over. Charlie and dogs were in a tangle. As Chris yelled, the neighbor came out and immediately hosed down the combatants. He grabbed the dogs by their collars, Chris grabbed Charlie and climbed back over the wall.

The dogs hadn't yet started to fight, so Charlie had no bites. He'd been fighting tooth and nail, however, and had broken some claws and, more importantly, fractured his jaw. We discovered this after a vet visit on Tuesday, after we noticed that his jaw was out of alignment. He could still move his jaw, though, which was why it took us so long to realize something was wrong. We'd thought it might just be dislocated, but the x-rays showed a fracture.

The vet recommended surgery, only done by a specialist and costing thousands of dollars. After discussing our options, we decided to just let Charlie heal as best as he can on his own. Armed with some painkillers, antibiotics, and lots of love, we felt that Charlie stood a good chance of coming out of this anyway.

It was a hard week, but now, a little over a week since the adventure, I'm confident he'll be okay. He doesn't seem to be in much pain and his appetite has returned. He's eating soft food, and wants to get back to his kibble. He wants lots of love and attention, and is finally trying to clean his coat again (he's always been very fastidious about grooming). He's back to being my golden boy, and I'm grateful he seems to be healing so well.
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  1. How traumatic! Poor guy. We know the panic of pit bulls! Glad he's ok!!!

  2. Definitely glad he's doing well! As with most health care, vets often recommend unnecessary and expensive procedures. Glad your decision turned out for the best.

  3. How scary! Poor Charlie. I'm glad to hear he seems to be healing ok and that he likely won't jump that fence again!

  4. I'm glad that Charlie is coming back! I did always love how friendly he was.


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