Last gasp of summer

The dorms are filling up with students with school starting next week. I had to wait in line at the market at the student union today! The start of the school year always makes me nostalgic.

The Valley Art Theater on Mill was showing John Hughes movies all week in remembrance. Even though it's a school/work night, Daphne and I decided to go see Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Neither of us have actually seen it all the way through. Roger decided to go with us, and we had a good time at dinner before seeing the movie. And I can't believe I haven't watched it before, it was hilarious!

Walking on Mill at night evokes so many memories, I half expect to meet my 20 year old self coming the opposite direction. That side of campus is still my home. For several years, I didn't even leave the Music Building until 10:00 PM most evenings, so getting home at 9:30 suddenly seems early. I can remember sitting on our plaid sofa in our old apartment, switching on the tiny tv to watch Living Single before joining Chris in sleep.

Now I'm home in a quiet house, with silly cats running around and a sleeping husband in the other room. Now that Maggie can jump up on things more easily, she spends most of her time jumping on anything she can. She's still not very accurate, so she often clocks herself on the table when leaping on to a chair. She doesn't let it stop her though- she just blinks for a minute and goes for the next level up. I worry about her sometimes, but she's fat and happy as a clam. And really - so am I.


  1. It seems that no matter how much your life changes, Chris sleeping is a constant : ).

  2. OMG! Living Single. Now that takes me back.

    Wasn't feeling the love for the JH marathon. The only one I would've wanted to see, Some Kind of Wonderful, they weren't showing. Saw Planes, Trains and Automobile awhile ago.


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