Day in the Life -take 3:Friday

Yay, Friday!

5:30 - alarm rings. turn it off. cats are ricocheting around the bedroom
5:50 - get up. do pushups (week 3 day 2), stretch, shower, pack lunch, breakfast, coffee, paper (get frustrated that the Friday Arizona Living section of the AZ Republic is now devoted to fashion tips - yuk). Play a little guitar.
8:10 - bike to work.
8:45 - roll into the office, boot up outlook and digsby. read email. University Librarian pops by office to compliment me on the latest Library Minute being mentioned in AL Direct. Talk about Library Minutes, instruction, and ways to work this into some sort of presentation/webcast/paper that will look nice on my CV.
9:25 - start this post
9:30 - start working on this week's Talking Tech Friday.
11:00 - finish column, publish post! Update Tech Talk's twitter.
11:09 - go over emails, check FB
11:15 - start working on procrastinated copyright presentation. decide I DO want to do slides. Start thinking about what they should contain.
11:35 - get derailed by supervisor wanting to discuss afternoon meetings.
11:45 - decide to eat lunch prior to 12:45 meeting. Pull out lunch, read feeds.
12:30 - take stock of what to prepare for this afternoon of back to back meetings:
12:45 - meeting with Approval Plan Implementation committee. First meeting - discuss timeline, responsibilities, ideas
2:00 - Collections Steering Council. I usually facilitate the meeting. Look over agenda, think of anything I'll need to mention.
4:00 - meet with colleague to work on that copyright presentation.
try to clear out inbox before meeting - achieve inbox zero through triage!
12:44 - head next door to first meeting.
1:55 - go upstairs to second meeting. Internet goes down - makes things interesting.
3:35 - quick impromptu budget structure meeting
4:00 - last meeting of the day.
4:50 - get back to office and log out so I don't get locked in the library for the weekend!