Day in the Life-take 3: Wednesday

Busy today!

5:45 - get out of bed, do pushups (week 3 day 1), stretch, shower, breakfast, coffee, paper.
8:00 - bike to work after pumping up tire
8:35 - arrive at office - boot up computer, outlook, digsby. Check email, make tea
9:15 - go to coffee meeting with co-workers, discuss goings-on
10:15 - meet with supervisor to discuss current projects: new approval plan planning, proposed revision of budget structure, agenda for Friday's Collection Steering Council meeting
11:30 - back to email, sort through things, prepare
12:00 - chat reference shift.  eat lunch and read blogs while waiting for questions.  none arrive.
1:30 - meeting to discuss budget structure
2:30 - rush off to 2:00 meeting - yes, late - to discuss next week's copyright presentation
3:00 - go back to office, try to pull head together. go over emails, think about projects, start this post
4:00 - back to discuss copyright presentation again.
5:00 - gotta go!