Day in the Life-take 3: Tuesday

5:30 - Alarm rings. Turn it off - wish I hadn't stayed up so late playing Civilization Revolution, especially because I lost.
5:45 - roll out of bed. Get dressed, breakfast, coffee, paper.  Run late, get cranky.
7:10 - bike to the gym (yes, really!).  Work out, shower, change.
9:00 - Get to the office, boot up outlook, Digsby. Make tea.  Check emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
9:30 - start this post. Finish reviewing Residency Appeal packets for this afternoon's hearing.
10:20 - get nice surprise visit from Daphne and the kidlet - hear about kidlet's cruise
10:30 - back to last appeal.
10:40 - finish reviewing.  Save stuff to flash drive, make sure everything works on laptop. Install Foxit Reader and ASU's VPN software (for remote desktopping).
10:50 - triage emails, review some documents for meetings tomorrow (some past approval plan statistics - an average of 50% of books received on approval since 2005 have never circulated - from a sample of humanities call numbers! That's sad.  Look over proposal for new budget structure.), add some items to meeting agenda for Friday.
11:12 - check out the ol' aggregator before lunch.
11:30 -  meet w/colleagues for lunch at Engrained
1:00 - Residency classification Appeal Hearings
4:30 - back from hearings, only one no-show. Tired and ready for a drink, but luckily there is chocolate in my desk.  Review emails, read some blogs
5:08 - go home. tired. Accidentally closed browser window before posting.