Day in the Life-take 3: Thursday

Blissfully, meeting free today!

5:30 - alarm rings. Turn it off.
5:50 - get out of bed. stretch, get dressed, pack a lunch, eat, coffee, paper, clean litter boxes.
7:00 - bike to gym. work out, shower, make self presentable.
8:50 - get to work, boot up outlook, digsby. make tea.
9:15 - meet ICS folks for coffee
9:45 - back to office - read emails, check messages, make to-do list, look at pictures from the Milazzo's Australia trip.
10:40 - start this post
10:45 - pull up some old approval plan reports on books received and money spent.
11:10 - supervisor comes by to talk about revised budget structure.
11:15 - answer email from Library Minute fan.  back to reports.
11:50 - wander over to Noble Library for lunch with Daphne.
1:30 - get back to the office. Chat a bit with co-worker
1:45 - go over some emails, log in for chat reference session.
1:50 - start composing letter on updates on the NIH Public Access Policy and related issues for inclusion in a fall mailing from the Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Affairs. Receive no chat questions. Send draft to supervisor for comments
3:10 - check in on email, read some blogs. Procrastinate working on something I'm supposed to be working on - my brain is tired.
4:20 - give up the idea of finishing up project today, vow to work on it tomorrow morning...sometime, and decide to finish up the day with catching up on some of my postponed lib-blog reading.
5:00 - wrap it up, head on home!