Day in the Life-take 3: Monday

I'm a week behind, but wanted to participate in the 2nd annual Librarian Day in the Life. I enjoy this project quite a bit, and find that documenting my week helps me refocus my energies.  This week is a good time for me to refocus, since Chris is returning to work, which means a return to a more regular schedule for me and a sign that the summer is pretty much over.

Without further ado, I give you my Monday:

5:30 - alarm rings, push Charlie off my head, hit snooze.
5:45 - get up. Stretch, shower, coffee, breakfast, paper.
7:30 - Chris leaves for work, clean litter boxes, play guitar (yes, really!)
8:10 - oops, got a little carried away with the guitar. leave for work.
8:40 - arrive in the office. Say hello to supervisor, discuss a few to-dos for the week
9:00 - boot up computer, email, Digsby.  Create today's to-do list.  Read Gmail, check in on Facebook. Start wading through emails from last week and triage: Cancel today's Library Minute film session, watch latest episode, answer email from professor who can't seem to get a response from their departmental liaison about an ebook that doesn't seem to exist, get my assigned schedule for UNI110 instruction sessions, sync iPhone w/calendar, schedule meeting w/supervisor, delete lots of emails from vendors and forwarded messages.
10:30 - finish triage - start this post.
10:40 - Plot out next 2 Library Minute topics.
10:45 - get distracted by a few emails - add a new SPARC resource to my Scholarly Communications LibGuide.
10:55 - decide to take a quick break to go to union to forage for healthy snacks.
11:15 - successfully return. Read this week's SoundOff
11:20 - NOW plot out next 2 Library Minutes
12:12 - finished. Respond to email requesting meetings to prepare for next week's reserve/copyright presentation for librarians.
12:16 - Eat lunch, read blogs.
1:00 - read and answer some emails, wonder why the vendors spam me so. wash dishes.
1:27 - Try to log in to review the last two packets for tomorrow's Residency Classifications Appeals hearing. Something's not working - I don't have access. I did last week.  Send email to Residency secretary to inquire what's wrong.
1:50 - Decide to finish up my wiki migration instead.  Commence copying and pasting.
2:45 - Actually finish!  Only been working on this thing for a month! Yay!
2:45 - Receive email from Residency Secretary stating that I will get an email when the problem with the AppXtender is resolved.  Of course, this is the major thing on my to-do list for today, and I can' t work on it until further notice.  Receive different email regarding copyright presentation, along with confirmation of date.  Adjust calendar. Respond to an email about advisory group service, adjust CV.  Edit a list of most-used databases for ICS. Talk with supervisor about budget structure ideas. Talk with colleague about professor's email from the morning.  Sign up for orientation session for mentoring program
4:15 - Whew - that was a rash of multi-tasking! Think I'll finish up the day by catching up on some professional reading - liblogs and July 24th's Insight.
4:50 - Get email that the documentation for tomorrow's appeals are available for me via flash drive at Student Services.  Pack up and get ready to leave, swinging by the SSB on the way out.  Publish post!


  1. The email seems to be a big part of one's life, no matter what you do.


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