Can't stay away

After 6 weeks of not-blogging, I'm ready to come back. I miss blogging. 140 characters is not enough for the depths into which I wish to plunge. This is the closest I come to a journal, and I think I've come to grips with the fact that I don't have to blog about anything - I can blog about whatever I wish. You can read or not, but the choice is yours.

Why this sudden desire to blog? Because I like keeping lists for myself, ranting about the world's goings-on, and besides, it's good practice for other writing I should do.

I was particularly inspired yesterday by listing off my upcoming professional activities to my supervisor during our monthly tete-a-tete and realized I wanted to post about it here, as I've done in the past, so I can refer to it later. It makes me feel busy and important. So, to celebrate my return, here's a list of the things that will keep me occupied this year:
This must all be balanced amid an upcoming reorganization, meaning that, while I am confident I will still have a job, I do not know what that job will be in 5 months.

Finally, I miss posting pictures, so here's something you can sink your teeth into.
17 June 09


  1. You'll be busy this schoolyear! That is a fantastic picture of Charlie. Love it!

  2. Chris actually took it - Charlie was playing with Sophy under the covers. He makes these funny little cries as he's trying to catch her.

  3. Welcome back! I look forward to sporadically reading your blogs.

  4. I do like blogs in addition to fb. They provide different things and are good in different ways.


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