Under construction

Windows are installed, and the workers are now papering our house. After that, they will staple foam and wire all over as a foundation for the stucco. They are ripping off old trim, took off our security door (which they will later install correctly, one hopes), hammering, banging, and whistling cheerfully. Maggie is enthralled and thinks we have engaged these people just to entertain her. Kitty is using her ancient wisdom to achieve a zen-like state while sitting on her favorite kitchen chair. Charlie and Sophy are huddled under the bed.

I'm taking some pictures, and will probably post some tomorrow.

Today's list:
  • So thankful that yesterday's presentations went well! It was a great audience, everyone enjoyed themselves and seemed to feel that they learned a great deal. It was a fun experience for me, though I definitely would do a few things differently should I ever present on these topics again.
  • I'm grateful that those are over and I can start working on my next round of projects!
  • Despite the noise, I'm in a very peaceful state of mind this morning, enjoying the cool breeze and the knowledge that this will be such a huge improvement for our home! I already noticed a lessening of street noise last night in our bedroom just with the new window!


  1. Well, Maggie is a pirate so she might be more feisty than the others.

    When I had the cable guy over, Allie was way social. He doesn't quite get that other people don't worship him completely.


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