A serious metablogging post

There's been a lot going on without much time for blogging. I've been thinking quite a bit about the ol' blog and how it's evolved over its 5 years of existence (my blogoversary is Monday! I can't believe it). I started this blog not quite knowing what I wanted it to be - I've wavered back and forth about blogging about library stuff, personal stuff, political stuff, or whatever's on my mind. I've enjoyed blogging the grateful lists lately, but it seems that I don't usually blog about anything else, making my posts much shorter and full of bullet points. That's not really what I want my blog to become.

I've also found that as more of my friends have become bloggers and readers, I've targeted my writing towards them - hence less library stuff and more personal stuff. I know they're the majority of the readers and commenters here on the ol' blog. While I have other readers, they tend to fall in the lurker category, commenting only rarely. Honestly, I'm not sure what you folks are attracted to, I'd be pretty bored with this place if I were you. :-)

Things have been picking up at work quite a bit, while also getting more uncertain. We're reorganizing this summer, and I have no idea what my future responsibilities will be - they could remain exactly the same, or I could be doing something entirely different. Either way, I have much less time for blogging than I did even a year ago. And with such an uncertain climate, I haven't felt very comfortable posting about work issues. There many other lib-bloggers who are much more articulate and thoughtful than I, if anyone wants to read about library stuff.

All this is leading up to the fact that I am seriously considering shutting the ol' place down. I think that Facebook fulfills my needs if I want to just connect with my friends, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find time for thoughtful blogging. I've been considering my priorities, and have been trying to spend less time on the computer and more time with my husband and friends and doing things I really love doing. As my time spent goofing off online has increased over the past months, I haven't been going to the gym, I haven't been practicing guitar, and haven't been communicating as well with the people who are important to me but who aren't social networkers. I need to find a better balance of my time, and that means that some things have got to go. I've loved having this blog, but I'm not sure it's as useful as it once was.

I'll make a final decision about this over the weekend - on June 15th, the Grumpator blog will either be erased or will continue, though probably in a different form. Either way, thanks for reading for the past 5 years.

Such a serious post shouldn't be left without a cat picture, though, so here you go:
Dead Kitteh


  1. I'm struggling with these issues myself. I'm considering redirecting my domain name to point at my Friendfeed page so people who want to keep up with me can get their fix there (or on Facebook). I'll eagerly await your decision...but...

    PLEASE DON'T ERASE YOUR BLOG! Even if you don't ever post here again, let the information you've created continue to exist. Surely you, as a librarian and information technologist, don't want to contribute to the removal of literature from the world? Perhaps in a final post you can explain to new visitors that this site is now an archive.

  2. At the very least, I am planning to export the blog to store on my own archive - I definitely don't want to lose all the content I've generated.

  3. My blog has been losing out to life, too. I still post every now again, but mostly for distant family who want to see pics of the kids and not really as a way to share thoughts. I wouldn't toss it, though. If you ever do have a thought that longer than a status update on Facebook, this is the place for it. And I've really enjoyed keeping up with you this way over the past while.

  4. Seems to be going around. I have considering stopping mine as well. Really, my only readers I either talk to often, or they can find me on facebook with more regularity. Tough call but I understand if you wish to devote time to more important manners. Happy Blogiversary!

  5. I think most of us are havinng these issues.

    I synched my notes on my blog to fb, so if fbers want to read them they can.

    Occasionally, I wonder what am blogging for. But, I still like it and it provides some amusement. But, am not blogging as much as I used to.

    Thanks anyhoo for your blog. And for the cat pics and the music stuff and so forth.

    I am completely sober when writing this. But it is taking on a "I love you, man" feel. Alas. Will cease before I get more nostalgic.

  6. I enjoyed this blog. So serious and then bam! funny cat picture. I do not read your blog very often because of life. I like reading when I go to it. I would never compare facebook to blogging. Facebook is only a snippet while blogs are longer (usually ) and give more insight.


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