The future

After thinking over the weekend, and considering your comments, I've decided to allow the Grumpator blog continued existence.

However, I am not planning to post on a regular basis, if at all. I'm mainly maintaining the blog for 2 reasons (here come the bullet points!):
  1. As an archive of the last 5 years of posting.
  2. And, because I liked Mara's point, just in case I get a sudden urge to discuss something that takes more than 140 characters - such as the 2010 elections.
In my first post on this blog, I was pondering my goals for blogging. I never did determine any, but I've enjoyed having this space to just talk about anything - whether it be cheese tasting, World of Warcraft and Libraries, traveling to Germany, job hunting (and tips), finding a job, lots of posts about games, lots of cat pictures, and lots of election posts. We'll see if I miss it enough to post more regularly again. Until then - adios!