Life has gotten very busy this past week and I've gotten a little behind, so here is a digest of what's going on.
  • Chris is done with work until August, so he's now my househusband. I kind of like this - meeting me at the door when I come home from the office with a martini, steak and a pitcher of beer on the table, foot massages and I'm not exaggerating this a bit. Right.
  • We went to Tubac this last weekend to celebrate the onset of summer vacation, as well as celebrate our anniversary a little early. We stayed in a nice B&B, enjoyed some good food, the southern Arizona landscape, and some bike riding. We also read some Louis L'Amour books in the room. In general, it was very relaxing, and I'll upload some pictures soon.
  • Got my laptop back on Monday!
  • Our new windows and door arrived yesterday!
  • Today, our contractor will begin work on the house - installing windows, and then stucco followed by painting later this week. Next week I might need help recognizing my home!
  • Also today, I am driving up to Flagstaff to give 2 presentations at the Library Institute. I'm talking about web design and usability basics, followed by a presentation on video gaming programs in libraries (along with my talented co-presenters Stephanie and Vinny). It'll be a long day, as I'm driving up and back today, but I'm looking forward to the presentations, spending a day in Flag (high of 75 today!), and having lunch with Kerry!
  • Back at work tomorrow and a half-day Friday, then back to Flagstaff for a weekend camping trip with Milazzos and Stallards. Can't wait!
Obviously, I'm grateful for many things today;
  • The opportunity to give these 2 presentations - I hope I don't dissapoint!
  • Being able to move forward on the house projects!
  • Having so many reasons to be grateful!


  1. Mmmm... househusband. That sounds great. Steak and foot massages - that is the life.

  2. Well, pot roast anyway. Okay, maybe he can do steak. I don't actually know.


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