Back in the saddle

I have my laptop back and have some posts to make, but they will have to wait until later this week. I have to focus on getting some things done today to finish my prep for my presentation tomorrow.

3 things:
  1. Laptop is back!
  2. Had a lovely weekend with my husband and feel relaxed and happy today.
  3. So grateful to be home again with our silly cats and sleeping again in our bed.


  1. Home is good, own bed is good, cats on bed are good. Having laptop back is good.

    Is the L'Amour for book group?

  2. Haha, no. Chris and I both read some L'Amour while we were in Tubac - the B&B we stayed had several in the room. Gotta love those westerns!

  3. Makes sense. Seems exactly the sort of thing a B. and B. would have.


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