We just spent an hour and a half at Home Depot ordering our windows - it was a pain, but it's nice to have it done. It feels really good to take this first step - next we'll be able to the house work and it should all be completed by the first week or two in June! Yay!

Today's 3 things:
  1. Windows! Obviously!
  2. Quilting with my mom and aunt this afternoon!
  3. D&D tonight!


  1. You quilt? Cools.

    I keep fantasizing about needlepointing and have three projects in a bag by the door. So far it hasn't happened yet. Do you know anyone who needlepoints who would like to form a club? And if you don't, okay. All that's happened is that it's one of the bags, including my black plaid messenger bag, that Allie does his goth chamelon thing on.

  2. Hmm...using quilt as a verb for my activity would be a little ambitious. I am making a quilt, with the help of my mom and aunt. It will probably be my only quilt.

    However, I've often toyed with doing needlepoint or crochet. I don't really know of anyone else, but maybe we should form a clutzy crafty club for ourselves. Anyone else interested?


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