Whizzing along

The weekend was almost too busy, went by too fast, and I am not quite ready for it to be Monday. But here we go!

Today's 3 things:
  1. I may say this one often - I love mornings sitting in the kitchen with my coffee and newspaper, looking out the back door into the yard and listening to the birds. It's always such a peaceful start to the day.
  2. I'm thankful to have so many fun plans coming up to anticipate. It's nice to get excited about things, even if they're a few weeks away.
  3. For having a flexible work schedule, so I can take a little too much time dawdling in the morning, but make it up later in the day.


  1. You may say this often, but it doesn't make it less true and it doesn't mean you're less grateful for it for the repetition.

    The morning rituals are what get us through the day.


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