Mini rant

As I was riding in to work this morning, I made a brief catalog of the detrius along my path: blue rubber glove, pair of boxers, a lone Croc, uncountable cigarette butts, various aluminum cans, water bottles, plastic bags, etc. All along city streets, where I then took inventory of the number of trash receptacles available - at every bus stop (each 1/4 mile or less apart), gas station, strip mall, library, and restaurant. In the residential areas, dumpsters galore in every alley. In my own alley, despite the fact the dumpster are a convenient 10 yards apart, there is still always trash on the ground. In the city, one is never more than minutes or steps away from some sort of trash container.

It occured to me that it's really no surprise we can't convince people to do something about climate change when we can't even convince them not to throw shit out their window or just drop it on the ground, despite the easy availability of trash bins. Really, who are we kidding?

End rant, and to talk about something positive, here are my 3 things for today:
  1. Despite working myself into a rage about litter, it was a beautiful morning for a bike ride - the sky was overcast, there was a light breeze and a few sprinkles of rain, and much cooler temperatures than the last few days have been.
  2. Looking forward to playing some WoW tonight!
  3. And it's Wednesday - I've always loved Wednesdays!


  1. I agree. Every time I see someone throw a cigarette butt out their car window I feel like the hulk is going to come ripping out of my skin and smash the person in that car for being so dumb.


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