Laptop trauma

Yesterday, my beloved little laptop refused to boot up. It had worked fine all morning at a meeting, but when I used it later in the afternoon, I got all sorts of errors. Talking to Dell this morning indicates that this is a known issue. I'll have to send it in, and they may replace the hard drive and motherboard. Fortunately, it is still under warranty, and it should be back up and running in a couple of weeks. Also fortunately, I don't really store anything on the laptop, so I haven't lost any important data.

Otherwise, it promises to be a good Saturday. I'm meeting with some of my Tech Talk colleagues for lunch to plan out a session on libraries and gaming that we're teaching at the upcoming State Library Institute. I was also asked to teach a session on web design, so I'll be working on my presentation over the next couple of weeks. I'm pretty excited and honored to have been invited to present at the institute, and hope I don't disappoint.

Today's 3 things:
  1. Sleeping in on a Saturday and not having any place to be before noon.
  2. Being able to look forward to D&D tonight with friends!
  3. Enjoying some time to relax with my husband.
And speaking of which, it's time to get off the computer.