Double dose

Yesterday I thought about posting my grateful list, but apparently I never did it. So today I'll post for both days!

  1. I am so grateful to have a home - I love cleaning and and doing yardwork because this space is mine!
  2. For being wealthy enough to bake yummy cookies whenever I want!
  3. For playing games with friends.
  1. Another week, another Library Minute to film! It's nice to have something fun to do on a Monday morning.
  2. For my morning ritual - reading the paper, eating breakfast and drinking coffee. I particularly liked David Brooks' column on genius (originally published Thursday, but I just saw it in the AZ Republic today). I am mostly in agreement with him about this, but as I was searching for the original article, most of the related results I saw were people disagreeing. I'd love to hear what you guys think...
  3. For a lovely May morning - time to go ride to work!