Cuteness saves the day!

Today is the last day of finals, so campus will be deserted after tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow will be a madhouse with commencement, President Obama, and Alice Cooper. I think I'll leave work early.

I was feeling kind of blah this morning, but then Maggie just jumped up on the chair opposite me at the table and gave me one of her lopsided looks before lurching back to the floor in search of something to dunk in her water dish. I have never seen a cat so attracted to water!
Pirate Maggie

  1. Obviously, I'm grateful for my cats who make me laugh and want cuddles every morning!
  2. I'm glad the school year is winding down, and grateful for the respite the next 2 months will bring.
  3. And grateful for friends and WoW plans for tonight!


  1. Cuteness often saves the day. And, I've been meaning to ask you this. Why do you have so many pipe cleaners? Is this for a project for Chris's students or something else?

    She might also like to dunk milk jug rings. Mine heart them, though Callie hearts ribbons more.

  2. We don't actually have many pipe cleaners - I think there are 3, but only one with a known location. The kittens just particularly LIKE the pipe cleaners.

    Yesterday evening, they were dunking a water bottle cap.

  3. OMFG. The sitting president is speaking at the ASU commencement? I can't believe it - I thought presidents only did that after they had left office.

    Reading about the controversy, I have to say I don't support ASU's decision to withhold the honorary doctorate, and it looks like I am in the vast majority. What do you think?

    It's pretty damn awesome that Alice Cooper will be there, too. We never had anybody that cool at the UofA graduations. (sigh)

  4. Honestly, I think honorary degrees are lame in general, so it didn't bother me. I guess it's tradition, but then you have the whole flap with Notre Dame giving him an honorary degree even though they hate him. I'm not sure which is better. Maybe I buy into the whole ASU spiel, but I think the scholarship is a pretty neat way to honor the President.


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