Testing PictoBrowser

As usual, the fun thing I'm writing about for this week's Talking Tech Friday requires a plug in to work in Wordpress. I'm seriously entertaining the idea of moving the TechTalk blog to a different platform.

In any case, this post is to demonstrate PictoBrowser:

vs. the Flickr Slideshow functionality:


  1. What other platforms would you consider? Perhaps stand-alone Wordpress, where you can incorporate any plugins you like, versus the limited hosted Wordpress? :)

  2. (Plus that also makes exporting/importing super-easy)

  3. I'd probably just go with Blogger - I'm pretty happy here. I don't want a wordpress installation because I don't always post from the same computer. And I don't know how much tweaking I want to do. All I want is to be able to embed stuff, like I do on EVERY OTHER INTERFACE!


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