My minute of fame

As I mentioned before, I'm part of a new regular Library Channel series, the Library Minute. Well, our first episode just aired!

We're still figuring this stuff out - I'm learning to prepare and deliver this content, and our talented filming and editing crew are learning how to edit it so it's watchable, so I'd love to hear your constructive criticism or suggestions!


  1. Yay Anali!

    Pros: 1)Pretty nerdy librarian
    2)quick editing style
    3)text style
    4)fun attitude
    5) Good neutral background, not distracting.

    Needs work: 1)Teleprompter / cue card placement,
    2)not the best shot to pick as opening frame / still frame (AAARRRGGGHH, SHE'S GOING TO EAT MY BRAINS!),
    3)ask the graphics department where the post production effects will be or have them put the damn things where you point.
    4) Tempe is hot. Heat makes people sweat. sweat makes you shiny. Lighting highlights this. A small amount of foundation fixes this. You're a star now, make the peons powder you up beforehand. Crack that whip!
    5) You might want to have that growth on your chest looked.... oh, a mic? Eee gads, how old IS that thing? I think I saw Willard Scott use a similar Lav back in the 80s'. Ditch the windscreen unless you are filming outside or you are a heavy mouth breather like me. (Domino's pizza always hangs up on me......)

    Looks like a good start. Oh, and I am not calling you a zombie, I SWEAR.

  2. Oh, and I HATE Apples to Apples.

  3. Great suggestions, Mike! You know me, I'm awful at makeup - I am actually wearing powder, but I think I'll have to break down and buy some. Any makeup I own is well over 10 years old. No cue cards, that's all me improvising, but I definitely should look more directly at the camera.

  4. Wait! Don't buy make-up. I have lots of pretty un-opened stuff I get from couponing. Tell me what you like and I will raid my stash. I need to get rid of some anyway.

  5. Wow. I LOVED this, and I hope to see more of them as you make them. I think you did extremely well, though I'm glad to see the positive comments and constructive suggestions from Jones.

    If you DO want to buy some makeup, EVER, I can recommend MAC makeup - I think it's the best in the world. I think there is a MAC shop in Scottsdale. These shops are different because a trained makeup artist (not a saleslady masquerading as a cosmetologist) will suggest things for you, and try them on you so you can see what they look like before you buy, AND they can help you learn how to put things on correctly yourself. There are three or so stores here, one of which did my wedding makeup, and I have never been unhappy with anything I've bought from them. I never had any clue about liquid foundation until my wedding, and now I feel confident pulling it out for special occasions.

    But free is good, too, so I hope Sydni has something great for you to try.


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