A light glimmers

Three things for today:
  1. I am feeling quite a bit better, so there's hope!
  2. It's puffball season for our acacia trees. The one in the front of the house exploded into puffs last week, this week the tree by the door is a giant puffball, and the third tree is getting ready to pop. I love how they take all month to puff up. Then they fall off and drift all over the yard and shoveling it is like shoveling snow. For a few weeks, though, the acacias are like little girls in puffy dresses - lovely! 5 April 09
  3. Sitting out on the back porch at sunset, gentle breeze, wind chimes, Charlie yowling at the door to be let out too, blogging and listening to the neighborhood sounds.
Chris is still pretty miserable, but I'm hoping that he'll begin to feel better as well tomorrow. Now that I'm doing better, it's no fun that he's still sick!


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