Finding a new balance

I've been busier at work these past few weeks than I have been since leaving ILL lo those many years ago. I'm starting to think my position is finally settling in to something, though what is still uncertain. Our library plans to reorganize itself, and supposedly we'll know more in the next 2 months. I'm fine with whatever they decide to do with me, but the waiting has been hard.

I love being busy, I thrived on it in the past, but have definitely gotten out of the habit. And it definitely means less time for blogging (Chris defines any activity I do on the computer other than playing games as "blogging"). I've been careful about what I post with regards to work, and I haven't had as much time to post random other things. My life outside of work is very much taken up with Chris, cats, and games - see my daily pics for evidence!

Last night was our Marimba Pachanga concert, and a good time was had by all in spite of the unseasonably chilly and breezy evening.
15 April 09

Today we're heading off for the annual band trip! A few things are different this year, I am driving separately from Chris and may have children in my car for whom I'm responsible. How bizarre! But it is always a fun, whirlwind trip - herding kids, bursting with pride when they and their handsome teacher play at the competition, invading Disneyland with a thirst for adventure, then driving back exhausted on Saturday in vans full of sleeping adolescents. It'll be a good time.


  1. The herding cats metaphor seems to be apt for the situation. Okay, slightly hormonal, mature and immature cats.

    I haven't actually been to Disneyland; go to the Pirates.


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