April 06, 2009

ASU - Yes!

ASU made the cut, but I'm sad about U of A.


  1. I liked the ASU win, but I just wish Fred Armisen was actually funny as Obama.

  2. It was pretty funny. Though I caught it half-way in so I was slightly confused.

  3. Um. I can't see this video from outside the US - what happened?

  4. Stupid NBC! Sorry Kelly - it's a SNL skit where Obama is talking about other industries (than automobile industry) that the government will decide who stays open and who doesn't. It's very silly - but he says ASU will stay open and U of A not. "I'm sorry, I thought it would go the other way."

    Did I mention that Obama will be speaking at ASU's commencement on May 13th? I should blog about that!