Annual April Fool's Roundup

It was a crazy busy day of work, so I wasn't able to spend the day looking at all the lovely jokes played on the intertubes today. However, I'm catching up now, and here's a list of my favorites so far:
  • Whole Foods Market
    it's already back to normal, but featured some great products like Organic Air, as well as delicious recipes for toast and deep-fried port eclairs, as well as excellent articles entitled "Experts find that eating food cures hunger."
  • Gmail's Autopilot, run by Google's new AI, Cadie
  • Along with a rash of newspaper shutdowns, UK's The Guardian converts to publication via Twitter
  • Blizzard finally lets me combine 2 of my loves: World of Warcraft and Dancing. Oh, you are so gonna get served!
  • ThinkGeek comes out with some awesome new products - I especially like the Tauntaun sleeping bag.
  • Wayne State University announced a new degree in reflective science.
  • A new standard in RPGs - d21 - was announced by Paizo
  • Here's a particularly good one: Yahoo! just released their Ideological Search!
    "Until now, many Web search users were offended by the facts, pages, articles, and blogs in their search results that contradicted their own personal beliefs and values. Furthermore, search engines were often accused of being biased in one direction or another. Rather than try to comply with a hard-to-define “search fairness doctrine”, Yahoo! Ideological Search will allow its users to personally control the ideological perspective of their search."
  • HowStuff Works gives the insider scoop on rechargeable gum!
I think that's all I've dug up, but for more April Fool's fun, check out April Fool's Day on the Web!


  1. Well, I did something on April 1 (on Walt at Random), but it was self-healing: Barring one screenshot in a comment, there's no way to see it now. Which, in my not-at-all-humble opinion, is the perfect April 1 stunt: Nobody gets hurt and it disappears on April 2.


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