Ah, March

March is arguably my favorite month of the year, primarily because of the citrus blossoms and the absolutely perfect weather. I just want to spend all my time outside.

It's been a fantastic weekend - yesterday we went for a bike ride and breakfast at The Farm at South Mountain, did a little cleaning and yard work, napped, sat around, and had corned beef and cabbage for dinner with Guinness. Doesn't get much better than that, in my opinion.

We've been getting estimates on the cost of getting our house stuccoed, and, like most house projects, this has blossomed into a long list of things-to-do before the stuccoing actually happens. For example:
  1. Replace single-paned windows with double-paned (a project we've put off for 8 years but should do before stucco)
  2. Remove obsolete and random pipes, wiring, boxes, etc. that are attached to house like lampreys.
  3. Tidy up extant pipes, wiring, boxes, etc.
  4. Do something about security door - either fix it or pay to have it fixed.
  5. Tidy up plants against wall. Anyone want agave or aloe transplants? Let me know, we have tons. Seriously.
The windows alone are a biggish job, as well as the pipes. Our original plan to stucco over spring break is now pushed back to get some of these other projects done over spring and stucco probably in late April/early May. That has the additional bonus of letting us get the money saved up rather than have to use credit. This is a good thing.

I'm really excited about this, the house will look so nice all stuccoed and painted (yes, it will still be green, never fear), and the new windows and added insulation will greatly improve the energy-efficiency so we can look forward to lower cooling bills this summer.

This morning I went to an exercise "boot camp," thanks to Jennifer, and in my exercise-fueled delirium decided I would blog every day this month. No particular reason. This afternoon, we are going to see the Arizona Opera perform Don Giovanni, followed by dinner with the in-laws. All good things to wrap up a lovely weekend.

Finally, I thought I'd share this shot of Charlie from yesterday, looking so fierce and tiger-like. He is not a cat to be crossed.
28 Feb 09