Academic Earth

Lifehacker had a great post on this yesterday, and I thought it was worth mentioning here. Academic Earth is a new website that aggregates video lectures from UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale. All these videos are free and shareable; for example, here is the video for the introduction to Berkeley's Starcraft Theory and Strategy course, taught by Alan Feng:

This isn't a traditional course, though, so you may yet be skeptical. Fear not, I have intimidating other examples! This video is Professor Alan Blinder, co-director of Princeton's Center for Economic Policy Studies, discussing the financial crisis:

You can rate professors, courses, and lectures, and create your own playlists of videos. I've decided it's such an interesting site that I'm going to use it for my Talking Tech Friday column this week, so tune in there for more information.

The subjects are fairly broad, but there aren't many lectures available in the arts, at least not so far. Academic Earth has a delightful mission, this is definitely a project I will follow with interest.