Born under a wandering star

A few rambling thoughts to start off the week:

I'm working on a presentation for tomorrow's MCLC Tech Talk meeting on e-books and e-book readers. Amazon's Kindle 2 also debuts tomorrow! I'll post my presentation here as well as over at the Tech Talk blog because I've already gotten a few requests for e-book reader info.

A related question - does anyone ever click over to my Talking Tech Friday columns from my sidebar? Would you click over if I posted the link here?

I recently took the guitar I was keeping in my office home. Someone stole a full-sized water cooler from our office, which banished any hope I cherished that our resident thief would not steal something as obvious as a guitar. We think we know who did it - it's obviously an inside job as the cooler was in the office when I locked up on Friday and was gone from the locked office when they opened on Monday. It's very unclear why this person still works here when they are notorious, but there's not much we can do without solid proof. I'm a little sad about taking my guitar home, but I hadn't been playing it at work anyway. I'm trying once again to play a few mornings a week at home - wish me luck!

Maggie has been off antibiotics for a week now, and is much better. She's putting on weight, very playful, growing like a weed, and cute as a button. She definitely has something wrong with her motor abilities though, we suspect cerebellar hypoplasia. She is very uncoordinated, though is learning to compensate for it. She is super cuddly and loveable, though, and we feel that she'll have a full, happy life with us. She'll be visiting the vet in a few weeks for a check up, spay, and final booster, so we may have more news after that.
11 Feb 09

Sophie's just fine, she and Charlie are fast becoming the best of friends. The kittens have been bright points in these otherwise dismal past couple of months.

This post over at the Liminal Librarian is a nice roundup of several posts about the "blog as CV" idea I've seen floating around the last few months. There are a few good nuggets for future consideration. I don't consider my blog as a CV, since I really don't limit myself to professional thoughts here, but I am always aware that this is not a private space. I Google myself fairly regularly just to keep up on what shows up in a search - if any potential employers (if I were looking) were checking me out, I know what they'll find. And while this blog isn't very professional, it has served me well in making some networking connections as well as demonstrating some of my capabilities. I think I had a professional audience before most of my friends and family caught on.

We're getting temps into the high 70s/low 80s this week, which makes me so happy! I love not having to bundle up anymore for my bike ride to work.

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