Another meme

Okay, Kerry tagged me, which is the only reason I'm doing this - have to encourage the other bloggers, after all. The meme is to post the 6th photo in the 6th folder on your computer. This is a little vague, really, because you could interpret it many different ways. Technically, the 6th folder on my computer is "My Games" - can't post a picture from there. The 6th folder in "My Pictures" is called "Adobe" and has nothing in it - I don't know where that folder came from. So, here's the 6th photo in a folder in My Pictures that is within 3 folders of the 6th folder.

This is my mom, aunt and grandparents from 1970-something. I'm totally grooving on my aunt's glasses, I have to say. Plus, you can totally tell that I'm related to these people.


  1. I had to look closely to see that that was your mom - she looks so young! I, too, love your aunt's glasses. :)

  2. The glasses are particularly awesome. I think you look more like your aunt in this photo than your mom though. How funny!


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