What a week!

Sunday - Milazzos came down for the holiday! We barbequed some burgers and dogs, played Agricola, and generally had great evening.

Monday - Maggie was lethargic, unwilling to eat, drink, or do anything but sleep. Nevertheless, we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens with the Milazzos to enjoy a gorgeous day and the Chihuly exhibit.

Tuesday - I worked from home to keep an eye on Maggie, who was too weak to jump up on the chair in the morning, and wouldn't eat or drink unless I set her in front of the dish. By evening, though, she was strong enough to haul herself up onto the couch, and alert enough to clean herself a little. I watched the inauguration proceedings on my computer and felt inspired, hopeful, and optimistic.

Wednesday - busy day at work. A retirement party for a colleague who is leaving after 48 years of work at ASU! She really is an inspiration. Other big meetings, and university announcements over possible budget cuts and reorganizations. Also, Jan Brewer was sworn in as governor. I will miss Janet. I also picked up some all-chicken baby food and a syringe to try to force feed/water Maggie. Seems to work, and she likes the chicken. I hope this won't start any bad habits...

Today - staying home again to stuff Maggie with food and drink. She does seem better today, but still has no appetite and just wants to sleep. She has a runny nose, I think she was all stuffed up earlier, so I take this as a good sign.

I feel so lucky to be have the luxury and support to be able to work at home, it's been a huge help. We've always been fortunate with Kitty and Charlie - they have NEVER been sick! I was surprised to find myself so anxious, but I feel a lot better about Maggie knowing that I can get her to eat and drink to keep up her strength. I have no doubt now that she'll get over this!

It's easy to be anxious about a sick kitten - I've found it easier than being axious about the state of Arizona, and ASU. I'll put that off until we hear actual news.


  1. So glad she is feeling better! I find it somewhat amusing that I will spend money on taking my cat to the doctor and not myself.

  2. Well, I find that being anxious about kitten or cat health is easier because you can usually see the problem.

    You also can have some level of control over it. Like there are knowns and you know what you can do. It's a tangible/intangible thing.

  3. As to making tuna melt for lunch, you're on your own there.

    But I only have tuna melts like once per year.

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