How our house doubled in cats

Having Arnie in our home for the past week made us realize that getting a third cat might be a good idea. Arnie and Charlie had a great time together all week, two peas in a pod. Wrasslin'
It was good for Kitty, too, since Charlie could focus all his energy on a playmate rather than bug her. We figured this weekend would be a good time to get a new cat, since the cats were already used to having another cat in the house. Birdin'

Chris went to the vet to get some cat food (Kitty's on a prescription formula now, mainly because she'll eat it), and there were 2 little girl kittens in need of a home. He took them both, with the faint hope that his parents would take one to be a playmate for Arnie. Alas, they were not ready to take a kitten home, and would prefer to adopt an older cat if they were to add another one to their house. And, of course, we couldn't (I couldn't) just take one back to the vet in the hopes of her finding a home. So, we now have 4 cats. We are those cat people. But that's okay, I have a lap full of kittens right now and I don't care what anyone says. 3Jan09

Kitty and Charlie aren't sure what to think. Kitty, being older and lazier, doesn't seem to care much as long as no kittens get in her way - and, of course, as long as she still gets her laptime. Getting to know you
Charlie, though, is wandering around, lashing his tail, and growling at the kittens when he sees them. He'll get over it soon, no doubt, and I think he'll have fun playing with them once he gets used to the idea. He's too easy going to be cranky for long.

So, this is Maggie - she's very loving, wants to be held and petted, and likes to play. She's also pretty bold, she was running around the house within minutes of being here, and is certainly not intimidated by the likes of Charlie.
Surveying the new abode

This is Sophie - she's a little more skittish and got herself stuck in our couch twice yesterday. She needed a little extra love and attention to settle in a bit, but she's starting to get a little braver. She LOVES to play, and despite being scared, she'll play with anything in front of her - a string, a ball, another kitten, a shadow, a corner.

Somehow, I don't think it'll be a challenge for my Year in Pictures this year - I have twice as many subjects!


  1. I just wanted to welcome you to the Owners of Three or More Cats club... You'll wonder how you went so long without a herd of cats! There's nothing cuter than walking into my room and seeing six, or seven, or eight sleepy heads lift up from the bed and look at me!

    Nick L.

  2. Reading this really made me miss our kitties, Ari and Theo. Ari died while we were in Ithaca and when we left there, we had to find a new home for Theo because the NYC apartment building we were moving into didn't allow pets. We were able to find him a great home with a friend and she updates us now and again on how he is doing. I wish we were renting so we could have kitties again, though admittedly, it's nice not having to worry about the cats when we go somewhere. But there's nothing like a warm furry kitty on your lap for improving a day.

  3. Too cute! They'll keep each other company and play together. So I just realized you have a blog...where have I been?

  4. Nick - Thanks! :-)I think we're at our limit for pure space!

    Mara - I'm sorry to hear about Ari and Theo, I didn't know! I'm sure you'll get kitties again someday, maybe when the boys are a little older...

    The Youngs - you were too busy blogging yourself!


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