Happy 2009

Today's my last official day off - we had a lovely vacation staying home. We had some nice visits with friends and family, played an awful lot of Warcraft, Left 4 Dead, and a new board game, Agricola.

We welcomed in the New Year with a small party of some of our closest friends - it was special for us to be surrounded by some of the people we love the most.

Which brings me to my resolutions for 2009:
  1. I am going to be more proactive about getting together with friends and, along with this, playing more games, both board and role-playing. But in general, spending time with my friends, in person, doing the things we love!
  2. I'm making a quilt with my mom and aunt.
  3. I'm going to do another Year in Pictures. I did this in 2007 and while I didn't make it every single day, I took way more pictures than usual. In 2008, I hardly took any pictures, and I found that I missed it. So, I'm trying again to take one picture every day, and expand my photography skills. These pictures will be uploaded to my Year in Pics 2009 set on Flickr, and will appear in the badge on this blog.
My 2008 resolutions turned out pretty well. I made a lot of pancakes, discovered some great recipes, and have definitely improved my pancake making abilities. That was a really fun resolution! I also enjoyed the Book a Month Challenge, but I have to admit - I didn't read a book for December. How's that for lame? I have no excuse - I just forgot to get a book and read it.

Chris and I were supposed to go hiking every month. We didn't. Not once. I guess we did in Ireland, but that was a little different. Chris says he didn't think that was a realistic resolution, and we're not making a similar one this year. We are planning to bike more, but that isn't a resolution.