Getting back to normal

This song popped up on my ipod during this morning's workout:

The video is weird - I'd never seen it before. So 80s!

I'm trying to get back into my pre-holiday schedule, which has been a challenge with the kittens underfoot. It's hard to focus on getting ready for work when they want to play. Or want to be petted.

Sophie and Charlie are on their way to being friends, they're already playing tag, chasing each other around the house. Sophie thinks he's just the best thing ever, and wants to cuddle, but he's not quite ready to take their relationship to that level. I give him about a week before they're snuggled up together. Maggie just wants to be loved, and follows us around, we have to be careful not to step on her.

Now that the kittens are brave enough to run all through the house, Kitty has realized that they are here to stay. She's not happy about this infestation, and spends a lot of time glaring at her food dish. She'll probably ease up after a few more days, but she is cranky right now.

Okay, back to work!


  1. So 80s Europop. Or Eurotrash depending on your pov. It was all over MTV in ''89? Knew it had to be around high school, and not before I got into the Depeche Mode, Cure, Sisters of Mercy and that music.

    Ah, more Bryson. :).

  2. Oh Roxette, does were the days. Your iPod has excellent taste in music.


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