Perry Cats

We had agreed to cat-sit my cat-in-law Arnie while the Perrys went to visit the Chicago Perrys this week. We've had Arnie over before this past summer, so we know he can get along okay with our cats. Saturday morning, however, Wayne called and said that he was worried about Arnie - he'd been puking some tinsel, clearly a post-Christmas binge. We assured him that we could handle a vet visit and any further treatment. Arnie clearly wasn't bad off, he still had plenty of energy, so we could tell he couldn't have been in that much pain.

Accordingly, they all loaded up in the van. Chris took Arnie to the vet, then dropped the Perrys off at the airport, then returned to pick up Arnie. X-rays showed no further foreign bodies in his digestive system, so they gave us some prescription cat food and sent us on home. Chris was impressed enough with Arnie's doctor to schedule a check-up appointment for Kitty, who hasn't had a physical in a decade at least, for today.

We closed Arnie in the bedroom with his own food, water, and box for most of the day on Saturday to let him get adjusted to the smells and such without Charlie getting in his face.

Sunday, Arnie loosened up enough to come out from under the bed and socialize.
Charles & Arnold He and Charlie sized each other up, determined they are both wusses, and they've been doing a little half-hearted boxing. He makes himself at home pretty quickly, today we found him under the Christmas tree.
Surprise present

Charlie doesn't quite know what to do - he wants to play, but doesn't want Arnie to get our attention. He takes out his frustration on my knee if I dare play with Arnie AND him.


Kitty, naturally, doesn't bother herself with such trifles, and sleeps contentedly in the window.

Supremely content

Poor Kitty, we took her to the vet this morning. She didn't like that one bit. The vet poked, prodded, and stuck things in unpleasant places. They wanted to take a urine sample, but she'd gone before we took her in, so they kept her all day until she generated more. We finally just got her back home, and she is furious. She gave me a well-deserved tongue-lashing during the ride home, and then stalked around the house, hissing and terrorizing the other two cats, trying to get herself settled back in. We tried to console her with some tuna, and now she's licking herself, trying to get the vet scent out of her fur.

We'll get results from the lab work later this week. She doesn't seem to have serious problems, other than being old. Of course, her kidneys don't work as well as they used to, and her stomach is more finicky, but overall, nothing we didn't already know. We almost feel like it's not worth taking her in at this age - it distresses her so.


  1. Arnie is cute, I just might steal him when no one is looking. Glad Kitty is doing ok!

  2. Oh, my! I love the photo essay. I agree with your philosophy on Kitty and medical intervention. At this point quality of life is important and any invasive medical procedures should be completely avoided. A cat of her (and my Murphy's) advanced age should be pampered, pampered, pampered (and I know she is.) We need to get Murphy's teeth cleaned, but are worried about the effect of anesthesia on his aging body, the soreness the cleaning will inevitably cause, and the introduction of bacteria into his bloodstream. So unless he shows aversion to eating, we're going to let his poor old teeth "do their thing."

  3. Jennifer - Arnie is a bit standoffish, you can try to make friends with him tonight. He says to bring tuna.

    Katy - I should have said, too, that the vet we saw was a different one than Chris saw on Saturday. He was not nearly as impressive or inspiring of confidence. He's supposed to call today and I dread it - he'll want us to do all sorts of things, no doubt (teeth cleaning, sub-cutaneous fluid injections, etc) that we're not sure will benefit Kitty the most. Luckily, Chris will do the talking.


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