In honor of one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, I'm going to post each day this week about the things for which I'm grateful. I think that Thanksgiving is an important holiday to celebrate - it's so easy for us to take things for granted that we often overlook how blessed we truly are. Additionally, as today's Arizona Republic pointed out, being grateful can improve your life, marriage, attitude, and make julienne fries!

I'm very grateful for my job and my profession, especially in these uncertain economic times. I know I sometimes complain or get discouraged, but really, I have nothing to complain about: I have a steady and sufficient income, nice hours, good benefits, my own office, the ability to listen to KBAQ all day, as much contact with others as I wish, the option to telecommute every now and then, and I work with some fantastic people! So far, my job is not in jeopardy and is not likely to be so even with the State and University's dire budget situation. (Yes, I know this picture is not ASU's Hayden Library, but humor me).

Additionally, I have the privilege to work in a growing, rapidly changing, never boring field, that provides intellectual stimulation, a wide variety of subjects and tasks to do, and that puts me on the cutting edge of both print materials (I have access to all the books I could ever want!) and technological innovation! What more could anyone ask from a career?

Finally, I'm terribly grateful that both Chris and I have a steady income that keeps us able to live and do what we wish, for the most part. We have a home, a car, a savings account, and are able to buy all the necessities of life. We can subscribe to symphony and opera tickets. We can afford to play the video games we want. I often say that I consider myself rich, and I truly don't know what more I could ask for.


  1. Great post! I like this idea. I don't think I'll do it everyday this week, but I do plan on doing a thanksgiving post. Also, I LOVE that library photo. I wish I worked at that library.

  2. I probably should give credit and say it's Trinity College Library's Long Room in Dublin.

  3. Ah, sweet Trinity. Most other libraries pale in comparison.

    I think I had read Name of the Rose by the time I saw Trinity.

    I should put up my Bodleian library pic. in my study. But don't know if nails are advisable.


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