Obama Wins!

Obviously, I am thrilled about this - words can't even express it. For the first time, my chosen candidate has won the presidential election. And not just any candidate - one that I believe in, and one I feel strongly about. That's right, That One has won!

The results are bittersweet, though - in Arizona, County Bully Joe Arpaio was re-elected, along with his crony Attorney Andrew Thomas. Props 100 and 102 passed, which is thoroughly disappointing, I despise adding stupidity and discrimination to our state constitution. I guess I can't expect an election to fully go my way, though, so it's all part of living in the good ol' US of A.

I might as well have stayed up last night until the bitter end for all the sleep I got. I had to be at the airport early this morning for a 6 AM flight to Charleston for the 28th Annual Charleston Conference. I've checked into the conference hotel (for once!) and am having a quick respite from traveling to enjoy free wi-fi before hitting up the vendor showcase and going out to dinner. I always enjoy myself at this conference, and it comes at the perfect time each year too remind me that I love what I do. I love meeting people on the shuttle, who, when I tell them my job title, nod in understanding rather than just look puzzled. I love hearing about other libraries, meeting my counterparts, and allowing myself to fully geek out on library stuff. And, I love the town of Charleston!

Yes, there will be pictures, including any delectable southern dishes that I might have. Stay tuned!


  1. I feel the same way. It seems nationally things are going one way, but in Arizona, they mostly went the other way. My wife said that she fears things will be get better for everyone else, but not for us :(

  2. I throw all my love and support behind our new president. He is a remarkable man and I chose to believe he'll use his ability to inspire and unite to turn our country in a new and positive direction.


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