Go Go Grumpator Gadgets!

So I've had my lovely Dell Mini 9 for nearly 3 weeks and I gave it a workout at the Charleston Conference. My review: it is super awesome! It's light and easy to carry around. I worked on my probationary review letter on the plane ride, and I can't imagine trying to use a larger laptop on a plane in such a confined space. I took tons of notes at conference sessions. The battery life is good, probably about 4 hours (I got it down to 20% or so after 3 hours, but got obsessive and plugged it in). Because I'm a laptop newb, despite being such a gadget freak, I had been concerned about connecting to wireless networks, but it is very easy. It is everything I could ever want in a laptop, and it gives me extra geekery cred because it's so tiny - strangers come up and coo over it as if it were a baby. I love it!

One caveat - the 'u' key was defective and sticky - whenever I typed any key around it, I got an extra 'u'. However, I told Dell about it and they sent me a new keyboard within 2 days. We swapped it out (very easy), and I'm sending the defective keyboard back. No problem, and it says a lot about Dell's customer service - I'm quite pleased with such a rapid response.

In other gadget news, I drowned my precious HTC 8125 last week. It still works, but it hasn't fully recovered - it no longer closes completely (that's my fault), some of the keys on the keyboard don't work at all, and many of the buttons stick. Considering I've had my precious for over 2 years, I decided it was time to retire it and get a new phone. However, because I now have a laptop I have a hard time justifying another smartphone, including justifying the expense when I can get a new phone as a free "upgrade." So, I decided on the Sony Ericsson W580i. I chose it because it is green, and it will be nice to have a phone that is not the size of a brick.

I feel a little like I'm "upgrading" from broadband to dial-up, but I really do just need a phone. And a calendar. I'm hoping to find a way to sync my calendar from my computer. I'm sure the phone will be fine, but it will definitely take some adjustment.


  1. Just spotted your tweet on trying out Remember The Milk. It is *awesome* - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    I have a Sony Ericsson phone too (an older K750i) and I have looked extensively into syncing calendars...are you using Outlook or GCal or some lesser, ahem, other calendar?

    For GCal syncing (which I haven't mastered yet), you could look into ScheduleWorld (www.scheduleworld.com). There are lots of contact syncing sites out there including the new Soocial (www.soocial.com) which I heard about last week from Lifehacker. There are a few other calendar sites but many require payment.

    I like the green color!!

  2. I'm using Outlook for calendars. I'd love to be able to sync the new phone to it somehow - even if it means syncing to Gcal first. Though I suppose if work-arounds become too cumbersome, I'll just enter in appointments the old-fashioned way - by hand!

    How do you like the phone, overall? I'd appreciate your thoughts - this is definitely a new step for me.

    So far, loving RTM.

  3. Outlook syncing is by far easier than GCal syncing - the Sony Ericcson software (that came with your phone? Otherwise it's downloadable from their website) should handle this with no problems. I only use Outlook at work, where I am in IT lockdown hell, so I haven't done the syncing myself yet.

    I've had this phone for over a year - it was a hand-me-down from a friend at work - and I do really like it. Before then I was a die-hard Nokia addict. It runs Java apps easily, and it comes as close as I need to smartphone features (for me this means internet access and contact syncing). Mine is a candy bar-style phone, like yours, not a flip phone - sometimes I wish I could do the cool flippy thing like the old Star Trek communicators. :)

    Let me know how the Sony Ericcson software goes...I'm using the "S E PC Suite" which would probably work for yours too.

  4. It is very, very pretty... A nice shiny Empire red or whatever it's called. It's got flair.

    And the phone works too.

    And I tracked the analogy of upgrading from broadband to dial-up.

    And I smiled at the go, go grumpator gadgets as I so loved. Inspector Gadget.

  5. Mine is actually white - not quite as flairsome, but still sleek and lovely.

  6. I remember when you got your Clie. You carried it around in a tube sock to protect it. Ahhh, memories.


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