For Home

I'd meant to post this yesterday, but I'm not sorry for spending the day appreciating my home rather than blogging about it.

When I say I'm thankful for home I don't mean the house that I live in (though I am thankful for that, too) but the people who are in it that make it home.

I'm indescribably thankful for my husband, Chris. He is unquestionably where my heart resides. I'm so thankful for our relationship and our lives together.

Obligatory pose

And I'm also grateful for my other roomies, Kitty and Charlie. They might be pain sometimes, but part of the joy of home is sitting with one or more cats on my lap, or all snuggled up together, the four of us, on the couch.

4 Feb 2007

That is precisely how the day was spent yesterday - and few things make me happier!